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    How to aggregate base on geopoint location on the map?

      Currently Im evaluating Qlick Sense 2.0 in order to visualize spatial data on the maps in our reports.


      Data that Im using is based on geopoints.


      The problem is that Im not able to aggregate data over the same point, instead it seems that Qlick sense is duplicating the points for each one of the members of the dimension.


      For example. I have monthly data where for each month I have a values associated to the measure. So if I only had selected one month everything is fine, but if I select (add) a new month the measure get duplicated (overlapped in the map) for the second month instead of summing up the values to the already existing same point in the map.


      How can we achieve to make the measure get aggregate over a point in the map?


      Note that when adding the points in a bar chart it seems to have the correct behaviour, I can see how the same point (represented by a Bar) is summing up the values.



      I will appreciate any help on this.