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    Cannot get access point to load after server installation


      I need some fairly urgent help on this - I've installed QlikView Server 11 but I get the (seemingly fairly common) problem where when I try to access Access Point I just get the 'loading content' bar and nothing else happens. I can get into the management console ok and all looks ok there.

      I am using Windows Server 2012 with IIS 8. I have checked the following -


      Separate QlikView application pool is set up and using a defined service account on our AD domain

      The account is local admin

      The account is in the QlikView administrators group

      The default web site is set to use the app pool

      I have been through the re-registration of ASP.NET as I think the framework was installed before IIS.

      Same error when accessing locally

      Nothing obvious in the server event log


      EDIT: Have also checked the pass-through authentication in the properties of the site, all checks out ok.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.