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    Edit or deploy dataconnections  on server

    Birkir Bjornsson


      We are using Sense server now. I have deployed the first apps. I tried to automatically reload data in the apps, but the task fails with the following error:


      2015-06-29 11:09:42 0030 *CONNECT*

      2015-06-29 11:09:42      Error: Could not fetch connection by name using identifier s1sql4.skjarinn.is (skjarinn_birkir)

      2015-06-29 11:09:42      General Script Error

      2015-06-29 11:09:42      Execution Failed


      So does anybody know how to deploy or edit data connections on the server?


      Kind Regards


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          abhay singh

          Hi Birkir,


          It seems you have made changes in Database connection string you have made..

          May be you have changes your data source path..


          please try to made DB Connection Again..




          • Re: Edit or deploy dataconnections  on server
            Jonathan Dienst

            I suspect that either the service account does not have the same permissions as the user account that you used to develop the document, or you are using a DSN connection that does not exist on the server, or you developed with a 32 bit connection and the server is defaulting to a 64 bit version, or the drivers for he relevant version do not exist on the server.


            If it is a DSN connection, you need to have admin rights on the server and run odbcad32.exe to create the DSN on the server. The 64 bit version (if you are using 64 bit Windows) is usually in C:\Windows\System32. The 32 bit version is usually in C:\Windows\SysWow64 (that is the right way round!).


            You can also confirm the existence of ODBC drivers using odbcad32.