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    Showing Current and Previous Values all the time in a Trend Chart based on a Bar graph

    Praveen Kumar Konda



      I have a Bar Graph which shows top 4 sales of previous Quarter (Q1 2015)  by default and if i select a specific quarter it will display the respective values which works like a champ.


      Now i need another trend chart below this Top 4 Sales Bar graph which should display a Trend of the sales for current and Previous Quarter Sales all the time.


      Lets say if iam in Q2 2015 my Bar graph will show top 4 sales for Q1 2015 and my new trend chart should have both Q1 2015 and Q2 2015.If i select Q1 2014 then trend should show Q1 2014 and Q4 2013 (incase if there is no data for Q4 2013 it should dsiplay 0)


      Some one please help me,i need this on very urgent basis.


      I Appreciate for the help.