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    Qlik Sense LIB variable support

    Linda Bell

      Are variables supported in LIB URL definition in Sense version 2?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Linda, it depends on how you want to use them.


          Do you want to use them in the connection name, or in the values used in an already defined connection?


          For example this is supported:


          let vRootPath = 'lib://QlikSenseDataFolder/';

          let vFileName = 'sample_data.qvd';


          let vFullFilePath = '$(vRootPath)$(vFileName)';


          trace This is the root path: $(vRootPath);

          trace This is the file name: $(vFileName);



          Load * Inline [



          1,Sales,200000, 250000

          2,Human Resources,150000, 10000





          Store SampleTable INTO '$(vFullFilePath)' (qvd);


          where QlikSenseDataFolder is already defined in the data connections.


          The actual Data Connection named needs to be defined.


          Please let me know more about your use case and I can provide more information if needed.


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          Mike Tarallo