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    Grafico Top 10 - Master - Detail

        Good Morning,

      I would like to make a graph to show the top ten days with highest abundance errors.

      I set as the date as dimension and as expressions:

      = sum ({$ <Category = {'POSITIVE'}>} SID)

      = sum ({$ <Category = {'*'} - {'POSITIVE'}>} SID)

      = if ((column (2) / column (1)) <1, (column (2) / column (1)), 1)


      - Respectively: The sum of the positive record

      - Errors

      - Percentage of the first two expressions


      To derive the TOP 10 I thought I use the "Size limits" -> Show only-> Greater than 10 Values.


      Is this approach right? I suspect that doing so does not get the expected result.

      Also I would like to create a second table in which I see the same days indicated in the TOP 10, the detail of single categories of errors.


      Thank you in advance for your answers .