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    Issue in calculating Turn for multiple dates

      Hi Friends,


      I've an issue in calculating the turn for two fields.


      Lets say I have a field Date1, Date2 where the turn should be calucated for Date1 and Date2


      Sample Data


      Order NoIterationStartEndTurn
      123Iteration123/06/2015 15:42:4624/06/2015 09:11:33



      123Iteration 224/06/2015 09:18:2324/06/2015 18:29:17

      --Turn 2


      123Iteratin 326/06/2015 11:28:0826/06/2015 14:08:18

      --Turn 3


      123Iteration 426/06/2015 14:36:1226/06/2015 16:35:54

      --Turn 4




      But the Start Date and End Date comes from different tables based on Primary Key and iteration is what I added for better understanding of my requirement.


      Now i want to calculate the turn at every iteration based on the Order No.


      If I try to join these two fields with the Order No, it is doing cross join and populating 16 combinations and the turn metric is being calculated wrongly.


      Wanted help on how to deal with such scenarios.


      Final I want to see turn as 1.25 for the Order 123