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    QUALIFY * crashes QDF IndexAdd call

    Frank Heuer



      I have started to use QDF since a few weeks now and now run into a problem when using "Qualify *" statement. I just do this for testing the load of my data.

      If I use QDF IndexAdd Function I run into this error:

      Field not found - <ContainerPathName>

      REPLACE Left join

      Load ContainerPathName,count(ContainerPathName) as ContainerPathNameCount

      Resident vL.temp_table_map

      group by ContainerPathName


      When I place an "UNQUALIFY" before the IndexAdd statement, everything works ok. Because I have a lot of table loads whit LOAD statement followed by an IndexAdd call I do not want to switch between an QUALIFY and UNQUALIFY all the time. I think it's better only to unqualify the fields, QDF uses.


      Any idea on how to solve this problem?