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    drop fields document analyzer

    Mark Munich

      Hallo Qlik's


      i have analyzed my qlikview Application with the Document analyzer. I have found many unused fields and i want to drop these fields. now i have a QVW data model and a second data model where i am loading the data from the fist data model using binary load and i have used drop fields statement after the binary load. In the third step i tried loading the data from the second data model using binary load. but still i see the dropped  fields on the frontend qvw . could someone help me out.





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          Avinash R

          can you please share the sample script how your doing this ??


          Because in the 1st source all field 's, when you load it as binary in the second qvw it has the data from 1 as well the formatted one in the 2nd because using binary load you cannot alter the original script the data source is same that's why your able to see those field s

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            Massimo Grossi

            I think there is something to check in your script

            Check after the reload of the second document (the first with binary load) if the fields are dropped.

            If they are, in the 3rd document add an exit script after the bin load, reload and check the fields.

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              Mark Munich

              It worked. The problem was the script was not executed properly because 3 fields were missing. therefore it did not drop the other fields. It was showing the error message fields not found. I have commented those fields and now its working.