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    Dynamic Input Cells within QlikView

      I am currently trying to create a dynamic input cell within my QlikView. I wasn't to be able to combine past data, labeled ACTUALS, with future data. I want the future data to be input within QlikView and dynamically update my calculations and visualizations forthright. I am able to do this with a LOAD INLINE statement as follows.



      inputfield [Input Example];

      LOAD Year, Quantity, 0 as [Input Example] INLINE [
      Year, Quantity
      1990, 11
      1991, 22
      1992, 33
      1993, 44
      1994, 55
      1995, 66
      1996, 77
      1997, 88
      1998, 99
      1999, 111
      2000, 222


      This allows me to have a hardcoded row, labeled Quantity, and a dynamic row, Input Example. I want to be able to have this dynamic row partially hardcoded up to todays current date, with the remainder being dynamic.


      Attached is a sample file, please review and let me know if this is possible (LOAD INLINE within a LOAD or at least have a single dynamic field CONCATENATED to another table)


      Thanks in advance.