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    Multibox, Hide/Show field for several Customers

    Alessandro Marletti

      Hi all!

      Here I am again with another question about Hide and Show, this time it's a Multibox and as usual, with a more complex scenario.


      Let's say I have 3 (or more) customers and they are sharing same Qlikview Application.


      They have same business but different area of interest.


      In this example I have a Multibox with a total of 6 fields; some of them are commons to all, others not.


      Which solution you could apply for the best (light) and fast result, knowing that in the next future, customers could ask for join less or more fields?


      A sample is attached.

      Thank you!




      Ps: I've already implemented a solution, at the moment 2 different Multibox with Variable for hide/show...but is just a tricky way and I think is not the right solution in the moment customers will becomes more then half-a-score.