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    Pie Chart, problem with labelling Expression

    Alessandro Marletti

      Hi all!

      I need to display data names of legend on slices's pie chart of my project.

      I found a discussion which should be somehow good for my case here.

      Now, problem is I try first to use same sintax shown in the other discussion ---

      Dual('MyLabel' & chr(10) & num(MyExpression, '0.0%'), MyExpression)  ---

      but is not working at all, displaying this message: "all values below limit".


      Original (working) Expression is: sum( {<Regions -={'5000'}>}$(vSales))


                                  and it's showing classical pie chart with legend and slices.


      Request from customer is if possible to display same name in legend, on (or next to) slices of pie chart.


      Dimension used is called DimensionFields and it contains 5 different dynamic fields.


      Dimension is settled this way: =$(=DimensionFields)


      Referring to expression above, I tryout this:

      =Dual($(=DimensionsFields) & chr(10) & num(sum( {<Regions -={'5000'}>}$(vSales)),sum( {<Regions -={'5000'}>}$(vSales))))



      I am not able to simulate right now with a sample, hope this could be enough to understand.


      Any suggestion about the correct way to create a working expression with those data?


      THANK YOU!