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    Live sql data source or Embedded data


      I am total beginner to this data analytical product category. I have been researching for one of our client who actually liked a competing product but i cam across Qlik and found it to be much easier to use and reasonably priced. So here is my question which may be too simple in nature but i could not find any satisfactory answer.

      We plan to generate Qlik app which uses a cloud hosted SQL server as data source. I plan to test it using Qick Cloud and then may be move to a cloud hosted Qlik server. Question would be that once an app is publish does it carry all the relevant data as embedded into file itself or does it maintain a connection the cloud SQL server. so if somebody were to open the app from Qlik Cloud or Qlik server

      would they see current state of the data or state when app was actually uploaded/created?


      Also as i have red somewhere that Qlik cloud apps do not support extensions does it mean there no way to actually connect to SQL and be able to publish to Qlik cloud because SQL Data sources a separate extension?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Faisal,


          Thanks for your interest and your question. Yes, I feel we are easier to use than most of our competitors too, just one of many differentiators you will find.


          I want to make sure we are clear that we are talking about Qlik Sense Cloud and not just any licensed Qlik product installed on a cloud based host.


          If that is the case, our new product Qlik Sense Cloud - is used for freely sharing Qlik Sense apps (up to 5 people) only at the moment - and soon will have creation in the cloud capabilities but only from files that you can upload. I just want to make sure you understand the difference in the terminology for what you refereed to as Qlik Cloud.


          In answer to your question, yes - we load data from the source into our associated index model which is part of the app. a .qvf file (Qlik Sense).  The data is compressed up to a 10x and allows for very fast on the fly aggregation and selection interaction. No it does not maintain a connection. This .qvf file is then uploaded to the Qlik Sense Cloud. There isn't a live connection to the source data. In order to refresh, you would do that manually and locally using Qlik Sense Desktop and then re-upload the app. They would see the data as is from your last refresh of the data in the app.


          Note: A licenses version of Qlik Sense Enterprise has a scheduler component that will automatically refresh the data in the app from the source. There are also incremental loading techniques that will only load / update the app with the changed / new data.


          Qlik Sense Cloud at the moment does not support Extensions objects - which are mostly visualizations and form objects to help improve the interaction within the app. A SQL Data Source is considered a data source not an extension. You would connect to the SQL data source using Qlik Sense Desktop, create your app and then upload to the Qlik Sense Cloud.




          You also might find the videos here helpful:



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          Mike Tarallo