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    How do I hide dimensions based on the expression value in a pivot table

    Lisa Clifton

      I have a pivot table with 3 dimensions and one expression.  The expression is:


      MinString(If(CertTypeName = CertTypeRequired, 'Certified', 'Missing'))


      I want to hide the one of the dimensions if the expression returns 'Certified' and display all dimensions if the expression returns 'Missing'.



      At this time, I have a calculated dimension of:


      if(MinString(If(CertTypeName = CertTypeRequired, 'Certified', 'Missing')) = 'Missing'), CertTypeRequired)



      but I get an //error in calculated dimension.


      I've tried using this expression as a conditional expression for the dimension - no luck.


      I want a list of just Missing (not null) values.


      Thanks in advance for your assistance!!  (The pivot table is on the SC Summary Tables tab.  I have two copies of the same table while I work on it.)