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    Replace data qlik sense

    Rolando Sepúlveda

      Good day,


      I have a problem trying to update my data in Qlik sense 2. In previous version there was a option "Replace data", and now does not longer exist. Now only exist the option "Add data", so if I already have data in my report, it will be duplicate my info.

      Please help.


      Best regards.

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          abhay singh

          Hi Rolando,


          Could you pls tell me where u want to replace data at front end or backend??




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            sunil kumar

            Copy the same script of yours then replace with your new Qlik sense version

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              Rolando Sepúlveda

              In version 1 you had the possibility to choose if you wanted add or replace data.


              In version 2 you don´t have the option. You have to specify directly a data source.



              Thanks for your help.

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                  yes, I also have just installed Qlik Sense Desktop v2, and want to revise the data set I've previously used. Actually the question is not so much about upgrading to the new version, but asking how to do a replace data within version 2. My Qlik Sense app uses two different data sources/files, and I have been expanding the elements available in one of them (.csv or .xlsx). Is there a 'replace' function in v 2 that is analogous to the Quick Data Load option of v 1.1?

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                  Petter Skjolden

                  ADD DATA is in the DATA MANAGER. ADD DATA means adding some extra tables from another source ... you should use the DATA LOAD EDITOR and the LOAD DATA button there ...

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                      Peter, thanks for this quick reply. And nope, I had not seen that "Load Data" button in Data Load Editor window. That said, when I use the Load Data option, I believe I am refreshing the values in the previously structured data set. This is a good thing for when I'm working with a revised set of data; e.g., trends over month data. But I want to be able to add new data elements --along with the values for each record in the data set-- to my QlikSense app. Under v 1.1, I could use the "Replace Data" option (from the quick load menu), and then all prior data --values and elements-- would be replaced with the new file. Yes, I had to load my peripheral files that did not change, but at least I could grab the new fields. I don't know how to do this sort of expansion; i.e., either the same named file with new elements/columns, or a differently named file with different elements/columns. Is this capability included in v 2.0?

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                      Rolando Sepúlveda

                      When I add data the report duplicates the results

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                        Ralf Narfeldt

                        When you Add data in Data manager the information is persisted in a separate load model behind the scene, which results in auto-generated script code that you can't edit unless you unlock it.

                        If you take a pre-2.0 app where you used Quick data load, the information is persisted in the actual data load script code.

                        That means, in the Data manager, you can change selections and remove data tables you added with Add data, but only view tables that are result of "written" script code from Data load editor.


                        I would recommend you go to the Data load editor, and delete the script code that's loading the data files, and then use Add data to add them back. After this, you can handle your data sources in Data manager. Replacing files is just a matter of deleting them, and then adding the new file.

                        This is only true for straight-forward table loads, beyond that you will need to use the data load editor. 

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                            Ralf, while your reply is addressed to Rolando, I tried your solution to my interpretation of the problem. And it worked quite well, so thank you for those script-based hints. But for the Qlik development team, I'll request that you put back the 'easy button' from v 1.1. As I understand your concept for Qlik Sense, vice Qlik View, the former is intended for the exploring analyst, while the latter is geared more toward developers who generate the aprior display for presentation. I have some software development experience, but much of it is 'back in my youth.' I now focus on the exploring of data, which means I'm not up to date with languages and syntax. Sure I can learn it for Qlik extensions and such, but that 'easy button' would make this often-needed update/replacement so much easier.


                            Thanks again for this community's support.

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                              Kathy Parker

                              Ralf, I am a newbie.  Can you be more specific? If I need to add two news columns of data to my existing Qliksense data (data is in a discovery zone - not on my local computer).