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    Qlikview Variable incorrect on Nprinting

    Hasvine Dhurmea

      Hello All,


      I have an issue.


      I have created a variable in qlikview to calculate the total duration of a call.


      I have created a text box and inserted the variable and the answer is correct.


      However, I have to generate a mail every 2 hours to and in the mail subject I have to insert the variable.


      The problem is that the variable is correctly showing on qlikview but in the mail generated by Nprinting the total time is different and incorrect.



      TMT on qlikview is: 00:03:22

      TMT is the mail genareted by Nprinting is: 00:03:21


      QS on qlikview is:92%

      QS in subject of mail generated by Nprinting is 137%.


      Was is amazing is that at times everything is calculated correctly and then all of a sudden the variables in the subject of my mail becomes incorrect.


      Thank you for your help.