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    Maps bug in Sense 2?

    Lucas Vallinoto



      I am creating document with 2 KML maps, one for Estate and a depper one for Districts. It looks like this:


      I am having a problem with the Zoom. When I select a Estate in the left map, it selects the districts inside that estate in the second map ( right ), but it won't zoom in automatically. Actually it doesn't zoom in even in the first map, where I did the selection.


      I've testes the new configuration in sense 2, unchecking Showing Nulls and Showing Excluded. It will zoom in the background map, but the KML will be totally desconfigurated, showing the boudaries of the map of the entire country:

      Does anybody have any idea how to fix this? Or it is indeed a bug in qlik sense 2?



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          Arthur Molino

          Could you plese review your KML if it has geo code information, I`m using kml file of Brazil without facing this kind of problem (on Sense Server .

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              Lucas Vallinoto

              Hi Arthur,


              It works fine with one map. The problem is when you have two maps that are linked by the model, but have differents KMLs




              Load Country, estate from file.qvd(qvd)



              Load Country, ( Geo Information ) from KMLFileCountry.KML;



              Load Estate, ( Geo Information ) from KMLFileEstate.KML;


              The model is all linked, but when I filter one country in the country map, it will highlight the estates in the KML Estate map, but won't zoom in. Does that make sense?