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    Diagram formula: Finding lowest Distance

    Sabrina Richter

      Dear all,

      I haven't worked with QV for a while and have to develop a new aaplication. Therefor, the application contains two tables:

      The Table of OrderCompany contains detail information of orders of chosen companies.

      The Table of AllCompanies contains information of every existing company. For every Company, the distance to every place in Germany is in it.


      The QVW should show what happens if a Company or a department of a company (of the Table OrderCompany) is closed.

      The Orders has to be moved to the same kind of Department of another Company which is not chosen to be closed (of Table AllCompanies) choosing the lowest Distance.

      So: 1 Order has exactly 1 specified "new" Company when OrderCompany or OrderCompanyDepartment is chosen to be closed.

      I prepared a qvw example for you. Can you help me to fill in the formulas of the pivot tables. My formulas actually do not work.

      Thanks in advance