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    Difference in mapping between Map..Using and ApplyMap

    Stefan Wühl

      Hi all,


      I recently came across something I haven't really understood so far, still trying, so maybe someone can point me in the right direction.


      There seems to be a difference in the behaviour of MAP ... USING compared to APPLYMAP when mapping a dual value.

      MAP...USING seems not to map correctly, i.e. only the numeric part.


      Please check attached sample file, where I've provided two buttons to switch between the two mapping methods.


      I am aware that MAP...USING compared to APPLYMAP applies the mapping at different point in time, but I don't understand the difference in dual value mapping so far. Especially since other posts seem to show this working (like rwunderlich suggested something similar here).


      Personally, I am not 100% sure if I have seen this working before, it seems I am more friend of the ApplyMap() function.


      Tested in two different versions, latest 11.20 SR11 x64.