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    Set Analysis to Include Selected Dimension

    Dayna Litherland

      Hello All,

      Sure this is an easy one, what I am trying to do is for each user I want to use their effort and mutliple it by a variable - each user has a variable assigned to it. I originally used Set Analysis but this may need tweaking. It works fine when looking at an overview of all users, and when you change the variable value the chart changes - but when you select an individual user it still shows the overview.

      What I really need, is something that will change when I select user(s) and to multiple their effort by the variable.

      This is what I currently have:


      sum({$<SUN_OwnerAccount = {'User1'}>} vRB*SUN_IH_EffortTime)+

      sum({$<SUN_OwnerAccount = {'User2'}>} vHSJ*SUN_IH_EffortTime)+

      sum({$<SUN_OwnerAccount = {'User3'}>} vPA*SUN_IH_EffortTime)+

      sum({$<SUN_OwnerAccount = {'User4'}>} vPB*SUN_IH_EffortTime)+

      sum({$<SUN_OwnerAccount = {'User5'}>} vMH*SUN_IH_EffortTime)+

      sum({$<SUN_OwnerAccount = {'User6'}>} vDL*SUN_IH_EffortTime)

      I'm hoping that you can tweak my set which would do it, but I'm happy to change how I achieve these results!

      Kind Regards,