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    Net Calulation Help

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks,


      Below is my condition for the Net cal:




      If MSEG-SHKZG = H, MSEG-DMBTR is negative (i.e. MSEG-DMBTR is 9.207,87 the value to calculate with is –9.207,87)

      If MSEG-SHKZG = S, MSEG-DMBTR is positive


      Get for each entry selected MSEG-DMBTR and convert to either negative or positive value.

      Calculate the converted values to a net total.


      1. I.e. -100 + 50 = -50


      I'm trying for something like below for the Calculation :


      if(Debit_Credit_Indicator='H',- sum(Amt_Local_Curr), if(Debit_Credit_Indicator='S',sum(Amt_Local_Curr)))


      Any suggestions to calculate in the best way???