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    how can I split a field into two?


      GEO&'.'&[Operating Area]&'.'&[Sales_Region]&'.'&Territory&'|'&upper(ACCOUNT_SEGMENT)&'|'&[NCV_Type]&'.'&[Hyperion Budget Unit]&'.'&SCBU&'|'&left(Fiscal_Period,4)&'-Q'&Right(Fiscal_Period,1)

      as [~MasterKey],


      'PNCV' AS [NCV_Type]


      [C:\Users\BOYPR01\Desktop\Office\PIPELINE GAP\DATA.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Data);


      this is the code , but the fiscal period is in the image below,


      • i want this to be like 2016 as Fiscal Year and 1 as Q1, Q2,.. as Fiscal quarter.
      • I want this to be scripted in the script above in the master key.
      • But the data which I am getting it only has Fiscal period column, I want to split it as fiscal year and fiscal quarter and add that into the master key script.
      • How can this be achieved?
      • Thanks in advance.