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    QS do it support Daimension  Dynamic ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      In QV I used to design report which allow dynamic change of Daimension.


      When I try to binary load my QV QVW file to QS. I notice it does not support the above mention. I think it is Because QS does not all user go to system variable to declare columns variable.


      Any work around ?

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          dion verbeke

          There is a work around:


          Define an inline table in your script with your fields.



          LOAD * INLINE [






          Then create a field in a table and use the following as a dimension:




          Once you select a field it should display the values of that field you selected in the filter pane.


          It is not the same, but a very close approximation.


          Kind Regards,