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    HUB Access problem on external and Internal environment

      Dear All,


      We are not properly access the HUB and it prompts different messages when access the URL on external environment step wise i show problem.


      1. The message i get which attached here when access in the server it self and also on the External environment.

      URL that i use is


      This url is normally open every time but after this the Qliksense App url can not be access properly


      --> https://<Ourexternal IP>:10443/hub/my/work


      2. After the HUB url i try to open the Qliksene App url


      Which is below Url

      --> https://<Ourexternal IP>:10443/sense/app/e9053cd5-3ec9-487a-af04-57a1c4a905d1



      After this i get error

      Connection Error.png


      3. When i refresh it comes some time other wise this above message of point 2 comes (Also when we press the refresh button on the Browser it comes some time other wise same messages again.


      4. Also i confirm i add the external IP in the white list on the Qliksense Server also.


      Please do need full on this issue as how the customer see the app by pressing the refresh button.