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    Direct Discovery Isssue

    Koushik Banerjee

      Hello Everyone,


      I am using Qlikview 11.2 SR7.Now one of my client requirement is to export incremental data on every 5 seconds when it refreshes.If any one have any solution or any type of suggestion for implement the incremental load inside DD query then please share here.


      Waiting for the response.


      Thanks with Regards


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          vikas mahajan



          After seraching a lot from community I have not found anything on the said , I also required such types of implementation if you got anything please let me know.




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            Avinash R

            how your exporting the data? in the script ? As per my knowledge DD will fetch the measure data on fly from the DB not the dimension values , whats your reload time of the document ? because you need the data for every 5 sec .

            If the Dimensions are not changing then you can try with DD

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                Koushik Banerjee

                Hi Avinash R,


                We want to implement the incremental load inside the scrpt in DD query.We want to store the current or real time records inside data model within 5 seconds of interval and it will also delete the previous or historical data. For implementing the incremental script inside the DD query it will take less time to load that is more effective rather loading total data inside DD query. So if it possilble then please share any idea or suggestion.