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    Synthetic Keys Problem

    Mittul Burad



      I am using Qlik Sense for the first time and tried uploading data with the quick load data option. I have a excel file which contains 5 sheets:-


      1) B_DATA : A list of all Brands.

      2) Job Card: Details of Job that we have printed

      3) Coating : Details of Coating done on paper after printing.

      4) Powder : Details of Powder spray done on paper after coating.

      5) Cutting: Details of Paper cutting after Powder spray.


      Sheets 2 to 5 contains data of a step by step process in printing.


      The columns Brand, Lot No., Operator Name are linked between all sheets.


      Problem faced: When I upload the data in Qlik sense it creates Synthetic keys because the column name are same and do not link the column between different sheets.


      I have created an app where on selecting a brand and with a sub selection option of Lot No. i can get the data of all four process (Excel Sheet 2 to 5) on the dashboard. But somehow the filter is not working properly. I guess the problem is because of the synthetic keys.


      Attached: Excel File.


      Appreciate any help on this.!! !