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    nPrinting Excel Report Output

    David Whelton

      Hey guys,


      I have a excel report I am running in nPrinting which I have attached.

      The tables I am loading have the tag cells hidden and instead I've created my own headers in the excel template so that I can have pre-adjusted my data once the table is loaded.


      However, my problem is more on printing the report.


      I have the report all set up with Print Area, with Margins, with everything so that the pages are to all be the same size when they go to print. But they are not coming out the same size.


      I've attached the excel with dummy data.

      Any one any ideas what I should be doing on my template to ensure that the tables once generated, will be all the same size.

      If you go to Print Preview of the excel, you will understand the issue. Sizing is never the same.


      Any help appreciated.