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    Logesh Jayaraman


      is it possible to set the variable with more than one value using the set content through vbscript/macro.

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce


          One variable will always store only one value. Despite this, you can set a variable to get the value stored formatted so it can be later used in an expression:


          SET vLetters = 'A','B','C';

          So there's only one value, but formatted so it can be used in some functions or set analysis.

          If you mean you want to keep the value stored in one variable and append to it some other value, try something like


          Sub AddLetters Set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vLetters") vOld = v.GetContent.String vNew = "'D'" v.SetContent vOld & "," & vNew, trueEnd Sub

          Or better use one Action, External, Set Variable, the name of the variable and the value to


          =vLetters & chr(44) & chr(39) & 'E' & chr(39) // Will add ",'E'"

          Hope that helps.

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              Logesh Jayaraman

              Thanks Miguel,

              Actual problem i am trying to print the data in the table to textobject . The table has more than one row.

              Is there any i can print the value of a table directly in to the text object using macro.

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                  Is that someting like...

                  sub tst41
                  'get a field to iterate throught values
                  set graphIdField = ActiveDocument.Fields("graphId")
                  set graphIdVals = graphIdField.GetPossibleValues

                  'create an empty string
                  str = ""
                  For i=0 to graphIdVals.Count-1
                  'concatenate the value of the string to this string
                  str = str & " " & graphIdVals.Item(i).Text

                  'setting the value to the variable used in the text object
                  set var = ActiveDocument.getVariable("vText")
                  var.setContent str, false
                  end sub