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    expanding data filters within a multibox

    Jennifer Petrik


      I am new to Qlikview and am working on resizing some objects within different sheets and was looking for some help.  I have a multi box created with several data filters in it.  When you click on one of the filters such as salesman name, it is only showing part of the name, cutting off most of it.  How can I lengthen the box so more text is visible?  


      One other question in relation:

      On a separate sheet a horizontal bar chart has been set up.  It is not utilizing the page, the entire chart should be bigger.  It will allow me to expand it horizontally but not vertically.  Essentially I want to make the entire object bigger on the page.  I did go under layout for the chart properties and I do have Allow Move/Size checked.  How can I just enlarge the entire object?


      Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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          Rudolf Linder

          you can expand the multibox

          if the field is not wide enough

          goto tthe right end of your multibox until a horizontal arrow (left/right) and a vertical black line appears

          you can widen the box to right

          if the multibox is not wide enough (scroll bar appears)

          goto right end until only a horizontal arrow (left/right) appears and draw to right until scroll bar disappears