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    Qlik Sense: Section Access not working after Binary Load

    Renato Pinheiro de Oliveira



      I'm working on an Qlik Sense application that makes a binary load from a qvw that does not have section access, and on the script after the binary load there's a section access command to make a dynamic data reduction by user.

      The problem I'm facing is that the load script is presenting an error when it tries to run the section access command.

      Interestingly, the same section access command I'm using that presents an error after the binary load, when run on an application that does'nt have binary load, shows no error and makes the dynamic data reduction properly.

      Are there any restrictions on Qlik Sense for section access after a binary load? Or is it a bug?

      Bellow are the images of what's happening:

      Script with the binary load:


      Error message after the reload:


      Same script with the binary load command commented:

      Message states: "Finished with Success"