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    Security Rule for Root Admin

    Sean Smith

      IN the QMC, for the root admin security rule, I am unable to change the context from QMC only to QMC and Hub.  I get a error saying I do not have rights, I am a root admin.  I cannot change it for myself or other root admins.  So how can this be changed or can it?  I essentially am looking for full access to everything in the hub and the QMC.

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          Magnus Hellfalk

          While being RootAdmin will give you full access to everything in the QMC, it doesn't really work the same for the HUB. The roles are mainly meant for the qmc and the administrative tasks that needs to be done there. In the hub a user with an admin-role will be seen by the system as a normal user (with some exceptions). Browse through the other default rules and you will see that most rules that deal with access in the hub will not have any conditions related to the user-roles.


          If you are rootadmin, then you can see everything in the QMC; the streams, apps, objects, dataconnectors etc that are available, which should basically fullfill the need you are looking for. But if you are looking for full access to everything in the hub I guess you could create a sortof rootadmin rule for the hub, where you grant yourself access to all resources. I dont really see the need, but the scenario isn't really clear for me.