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    Section Access Problem

      For our section access we have a field called KEY. It's made up of a business line and a region. So a typical KEY might be 1_2. If a sale has KEY 1_2 then a salesperson who has access to KEY 1_2 can see this sale. This works fine but recently we ran into an issue.

      There can be more than one salespersons on a sale.

      Let's say the sale has KEY 1_2. Then say the sale has 2 salesmen: one salesmen has KEY 1_2 and the other has 2_2 .

      SaleMan1 KEY: 1_2

      SaleMan2 KEY: 2_2

      Sale KEY: 1_2

      So for this case we want to give SalesMan2 access to this sale but not the entire 1_2 combo.

      Can anyone think of any way to solve this so the can only see "joint" sales. Thanks!