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    Scalability tool QW-0.8.4: bug using Reduced Document List

      Hi, I'm found a bug in JMeter code generated for the Scalability Tool (0.8.4) for QlikView using Reduced Document List.




           In QMC all user sessions are in the same document (don't appear to work, but the JMeter open the docs looking the Result Tree).





      • Test with “Use Reduced Document list” enabled



      • In the JMeter generated code, we found is added a CSV that read $DOCUMENT


      • Exits another variable $ORIGINALDOC initialized with the document refered like "Document URL" in the GUI.



      • And... (here is the problem), there is a post-processor needed for "Document Chaining" and inserted using it or not:

      vars.put("DOCUMENT", vars.get("ORIGINALDOC"));



      • My script doesn't use "Document Chaining", then just I disable this post-processor.




      My Question:

           I'm wondering if the templates for the jmx generated code are reachables/customizables .



      Best regards