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    Qlik Sense installs ok but QMC won't load!

      I have installed Qlik Sense on Windows 7 and tried opening QMC as instructed and am faced with error message "This page is not available". I have looked at other posts about preventing Skype using port 80 and applied the setting.


      Still no luck.


      I see lots of mentions about log files but cannot find where they live as they aren't in the /sense/Log folder as this folder doesn't exist.


      All the Qlik Sense services are running ok.


      I don't have the technical awareness to understand many of the suggestions requiring changes to the system and cannot find anything on my system to do with IIS as some of the solutions suggested mentioned.


      Any help would be much appreciated, as there is no way to use Qlik Sense without getting past the installation steps.



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          Update, Gave up on Windows 7. Support were good and let me know that I had maxed out on windows Certificates (Qlik Sense wont add Certificate if you have more than 250 on your pc).

          Went to plan B used Virtualbox and 180 day trial of Win 2008.

          Works fine within Virtualbox.

          Next stop was trying to access from a browser on Windows 7 (Note don't forget to set up a user token)

          Turned off firewall within 2008 and spend some time to not getting anywhere.

          Discovered an error message when looking at 2008 network troubleshooting - I had 2 NAT's running which would be a conflict.

          Switched from NAT to Bridge within Virtualbox.


          Was attempting to use IP connection like this:


          Fiddled with 2008 and gave it a static IP address that matched the network and also set the domains to match.


          Also changed the network setting to home instead of public.


          Finally accessed Qlik Sense via https://win-qlik/hub win-qlik being the name I gave to Win 2008 during install.


          So final task is to turn Windows Firewall back on to add some security.


          Hope these helps anyone else faced with a similar install problem.



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            Michael Tarallo

            Robert, thanks for your update, much appreciated.




            Mike T