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    sample resume

      hello all

      plz i need  a favour from u guys

      i am looking for couple of projects to put it in to resume

      domain like

      a project on retail systems,banking system,pharma

      plz if any one of u got sample resumes will u plz send it to my mail



        thanking you


        • Re: sample resume
          Stefan Wühl

          Just search the forum for 'resume', there are a lot of threads with a similar request and answers.


          If you are 'looking for couple of projects to put into resume' I hope you don't just want to copy other's projects into your resume, you are expected to only list projects you have actively participated in.


          In general, I believe there is nothing special or QV specific regarding a resume.

          Just use a standard resume that fulfills your regional / cultural requirements. I believe you will find tons of samples in the WWW.