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    How to let the public see my Qlik Sense App?

      I finish an app using Qlik Sense an upload to the cloud server, they are free version.  I have a url of the app, like https://qlikcloud.com/view/33c91454-53de-4247-a6b2-562d4c06c22e 


      I insert this url to our website, but my coworker cannot see it, they are asked to login first; they don't have Qlik account.  So is there any method I can let my coworkers see my Qlik app online without login? Thanks!

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Lei,


          Qlik Sense Cloud is freely available to the public but your own personal apps are only available to be shared with up to 5 users. We are working on a feature that will be available soon, that will enable chart objects to be available freely from the Qlik Sense cloud so they can be embedded into blogs and other public applications. (similiar to how you embed and share a YouTube video in a web site etc).


          NOTE: You can use Qlik Sense Enterprise - and enable anonymous access to do what you are looking to do, but there is a license cost. For example here is my public instance - (with limited anonymous access):


          Qlik Sense


          Hope this helps.


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          Mike Tarallo


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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi Lei,


            Here is a quick update for you


            Today when playing with my app in the cloud, I noticed that I could right-click on a chart object and get the direct link to the chart object or the embed code:


            <Click to enlarge>


            Here is an example:


            Qlik Sense Charts - this is a sample chart.


            So technically it is not the entire app - but you could create a page with the public content in it, or embed into a blog etc.