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    VB Script Issue

    Subharaman Venkita

      I have written a qlikview report and have a VB script to run the report and generate the pdf. The same runs fine on my laptop which is running window 8.1


      when I deploy it on the clients server that is running windows 2008 R2 it gives me an error.. (Attached is the error).


      I following is scaled down version of the script script which I currently have on my vbs script and all I expect it to do is open the document sleep for 2000 mili seconds close and quit, but it is giving me an error


      Current script in my vbs


      Set MyApp = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")

      Set MyDoc = MyApp.OpenDoc ("D:\TestQlikview\ReverseEng.qvw")

      MyDoc.GetApplication.Sleep 2000