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    Pagination in Qlikview - Possible?

      Hi Friends,


      Qlikview, as I understand is a Analytics and Visualization tool. But Users feel "Every tool can do all possible things".


      The requirements from Business users are;

      1.To get a paginated view by controlling number of records in each page

      2.Need to have buttons to go to next and prev pages or a drop down of page numbers whichever is feasible

      3.Need to have a categorized group of data on each page, if records for a category exceeds the page limit then it should start on new page

      4.When filters applied, the page should adjust automatically satisfying the above condition.


      I have achieved this in script level by creating a new column and assigning value for each category and page limit. But it fails because it is not dynamic; say if the page limit was 24 rows and a category has 25 rows in which case this category would need 2 pages. But say if I apply a filter and this reduces the category to 24 rows then it needs to be in 1 page.


      Can any GURU help me here?