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    Items in List Boxes

    David Young

      I have a script that pulls the following:


      1.  A months worth of work orders with the following fields:

             a.  Location Name

             b.  Craft

             c.  Status


      I lock those fields in their List Boxes.  With the use of NPrinting I create an excel output of the data.  The problem I run into is that some months the name of the location is in the Data set and sometimes it is not. It depends on whether there are work orders in a given month under that location.  Since the job runs automatically if the name of the location is not present it clears out my locked fields.   Then I have to go and lock the fields.   The question I have is how do you design a chart with locked fields that checks if a location is present.  If it is not then produce a blank chart and if it is then produce the chart.   I don't want to blank out the locked fields.  Is this possible?