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    David Whelton

      2 questions:



      Is there any way in nPrinting so that when i transform the data from nPrinting to excel, that the data does not come out as follows

      Header 1Header 2Header 3
      Xdata2This is a test
      Ydata3This is a bigger text
      Ydata4This text has over 500 characters
      Zdata6Another test


      where XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has over 500 characters but appears as XXX's


      and 2.

      also for row Header1 to be merged automatically by X Y and Z (showing 1 entry) as it appears in the Qlikview application? (e.g. below)



      X  Data2



      Y  Data5



      Bear in mind, I am importing a pivot chart ( <ch416>), these are not tables ( <tb1>


      I have already assigned merged cells on the nPrinting template but it doesnt appear when transformed to Excel.