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    Stored Procedure


      I want to load data from stored procedure into qlikview.

      the SP gets an input (date) and returns AgencyId and HotelId.

      I created an ODBC connection and then:




      DECLARE @d date = getdate()-1

      EXEC sp_WhiteDots @d;


      the sql script works in Microsoft SQL server.

      but there are no results in qlikview (no errors either).


      i also tried :

      load AgencyId, HotelId;


      DECLARE @d date = getdate()-1

      EXEC sp_WhiteDots @d;



      but then i got this error :

      Field not found - <AgencyId>


      DECLARE @d date = getdate()-1

      EXEC sp_WhiteDots @d



      help please!

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          Marcus Sommer

          You could only use these functions and syntax within your sql-statement which the database and the odbc-driver support. I would it try something easier like:


          Load *;

          SQL SELECT YourFields From YourProcedure;


          - Marcus

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            Gabriel Oluwaseye



            I would suggest create a QlikView variable to hold DECLARE @d date = getdate()-1 and pass the variable into your SQL

            EXEC sp_WhiteDots @d.



            Hope this help

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              Massimo Grossi

              let var= date(today()-1, 'YYYYMMDD');

              trace var=$(var);



              load *;

              sql execute sp_WhiteDots '$(var)';

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                Sinan Ozdemir

                Please see the below script:



                As you can see I created a variable called vParam which is equivalent of GETDATE() - 1. Although, pay attention to the date format 'YYYY-MM-DD', this is SQL Server default date format.


                The original table had the below data:




                After I ran the QV script, I got the below results which gave every record that didn't have today's date:




                And here is my stored procedure for this exercise:




                hope this helps.