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    NPrinting report to show links correctly

    Katrin Dobler

      I've created a report with NPrinting showing all approved invoices in a given period.

      As all our invoices are scanned and centrally stored the user should be able to click on the link to open the respective invoice.


      The following picture shows the table in QlikView



      This table is used for a NPrinting report, which is embedded as HTML in an email.


      But the email shows the whole link as text. Some email clients are able to interpret it as a link, so it actually works for example with Outlook.

      But it looks not really like a link...




      Looking into the source with, I find the following:



      My goal is, to show within the email only "Invoice" as text to click on to open the link.


      Did anybody know how to prevent the translation from "<" to &lt?

      Can anybody help with that?