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    take over main calendar and overrule with set analyses -- help needed!

    Anita Fuchten

      I'm trying to overrule the main calendar end taking over the selection to another calendar using set analysis.


      This is what I came up with ...


        Calls.StartDate_Year ={$(=if(GetSelectedCount(Year)>0,GetFieldSelections(Year)))},

        Calls.StartDate_Month ={$(=if(GetSelectedCount(Month)>0,GetFieldSelections(Month)))},

        Calls.StartDate_Week ={$(=if(GetSelectedCount(Week)>0,GetFieldSelections(Week) ))},

        Calls.StartDate_Day ={$(=if(GetSelectedCount(Day)>0,GetFieldSelections(Day)))},




      The only problem with this script is that if one of the used fields Year/Month/Week/Day is not selected this is not working.

      I need something to resolve the GetSelectedCount(xxx) = 0 ...


      anyone got ideas to solve this??