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    Executive Dashboard Example - Data Doesn't Make Sense to Me


      I'm going through the demos provided with QlikSense, however, I can't make sense of the Executive Dashboard showing sales by Rep. and its integration with the Average Sales Per Day chart.


      Please see my example below of the Demo dashboard I'm looking at. I've selected John Greg, who is a rep, and I wanted to see how integration between the three charts worked. I noticed right away that John did $14M in sales, therefore, it's impossible his "Average Sales Per Day" could be just $117 - $121 per day as circled below:



      John would have to sell on average $16,676 per day (assuming 2.3 years selling every day) to make $14M, so I'm quite confused as to what I'm looking at in the Average Sales Per Day chart. I will also note that I selected a specific month, August 2012. During this month John sold $749K, so his average daily sales for the month should be shown for this month as $24,966 each day.


      In another instance, I selected a rep and her average daily sales were all negative, though she has a positive margin, isn't that impossible?




      Ultimately, it may just be that the data provided did not think through this relationship (as it's not real data I assume), and given the fact I'm an auditor I notice these things... Otherwise, I'm a bit lost and would appreciate some advice.


      Thank you again,