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    Help in Scripting

    Mayuri Nandu



      I want below SQL Query logic in to Qlikview...


      select top 3 CV.ValueExcellentDealer,ll.Price,ll.DealerId,D.ID,cv.CarVersionId,ll.Kilometers,Kms,Year(cv.CarYear),Year(ll.MakeYear),D.CityId,cv.CityId,cv.id

      from CarValuations as cv

      join LiveListings as ll on cv.CarVersionId = ll.VersionId and Year(cv.CarYear) = Year(ll.MakeYear) and ll.sellertype = 1

      join Dealers D on D.ID = ll.DealerId

      where ll.Inquiryid = 857654

      and D.CityId = cv.CityId

      and Kms between (ll.Kilometers * 0.9) And (ll.Kilometers * 1.1)

      order by cv.id desc




      SQL OUTPUT:   




      Qlikview application has been attached for reference. i am facing challenge to handle kilometer filed for joining..

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          The qvw shared does not have Inquiryid = 857654.

          Please share the sample raw qvds and the desired output.

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            Mayuri Nandu

            Hi Avinash R,


            KMS & Kilometers both are in different tables.


            I have two tables. if City, ValuationId, Year & Kilometers are same in both the tables then i want price & value


            there is Kilometers filed i have challenge as many times it will match but moreover in both tables kilometers will not match so the below condition to be apply

            Kms between (ll.Kilometers * 0.9) And (ll.Kilometers * 1.1)

            how to do it