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    Qlik Sense reloading vs. QlikView


      I have tested the reload speed of sense and view,In order to ensure the integrity of the test.I have tested the files from database/Excel/qvd.

      The test step as follows

      1.Sense/View reload data from the same table of the same database and Store into different qvd files according to the different data volumes of the database(0.4million1million5million10million),that is qvd of sense and qvd of view.In this project ,we can gain the reload time from SQL Server.

      2.According to the step one ,I use Sense/View reload data from Qvd,and record the time

      3.put the data of SQL Server(0.4million1million5million10million) exporting to Xls/xlsx/csv  formats,and reload the time of sense/view.

      4.put the step 3 Xls files exporting to xlsm files.

      Texting environment


      CPU:AMD A8-7100 Redeom R5,8 compute cores,1.8Ghz;


      system type :Windows 8.1 x64.

      The test software version

      SQL Server 2012;

      office 2013;

      Qv 11 SR12;

      Sense 2.0.1.

      The text record


      The text conclusion

      We found that in addition to load xlsm file,The view is faster than sense.

          Obvious that when loading XLSM,  the speed of Sense and View is much slower than the speed of loading the other files.Launch of macro script loads need a long time, and on the processing of macro script, Sense is faster than  View.Is it that the processor of sense is slower than view ?So in loading Qvd, SQL Server, Xls XLSX/,Sense is slower than the View.I want to know if it is possible for sense to improve the speed?