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    Creating a REFRESH PLUG-IN!!!!supported by sense application?what is the process?required documentation needed?


      I want to create a REFRESH PLUG-IN to avoid manual loading of data into an already existing .qvf file.


      The plug-in when  installed appears as a REFRESH BUTTON on the actual visualizations page. When mouse pointer is hovered over it, a status message is displayed(an example status message: Database was last updated at hr:min:sec). From the status message the user gets to know whether the data needs to be reloaded into the Qlik Sense Desktop Application or not.

      On clicking the refresh button the database is checked for the modified data logs, if found then the modified data is loaded into the Qlik Sense Desktop application and corresponding visualizations are updated. 

      This avoids the manual loading of data into the Qlik Sense Application when the data logs are updated frequently, the status message enables the user to know whether the database is updated? when is it updated ? were the changes reflected in visualizations?


      Support Required from Qlik:

      • Whether the refresh functionality is supported by Qlik Sense Desktop or not.
      • If supported suggest a way to create this kind of plug-ins.
      • How can I register my code with Qlik Sense Tool so that proper integration can be done with the desktop application?


      Thanks in advance