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    How to install OCX client component for OnDemand NPrinting

    Michael Krauss



      we want to use NPrinting OnDemand Service. The User should have a Button at the QV App to export some special document format.

      We already did some designs at the NPrinting designer now we would like provide this to the users.

      But we do not have the OCX obejct avalable at the QlikView Desktop Client to include the OCX.


      I found this article:


      NPrinting On-Demand: Installation – Customer Feedback for Vizubi


      of Course the Server Part is obsolete while the OnDemand part comes now with the Server part.

      But this chapter should be still valid:


      NPrinting Component installation

      This installation is required only if you use NPrinting Custom Objects on:

      a developer machine on which NPrinting Server is not installed, but need to edit or create QlikViewdocuments containing NPrinting Custom Objects and/or NPrinting Extensio

      a user machine that should open QlikView documents containing NPrinting Custom Objects.

      Installation steps:


      1. Download one of the follow msi files into a temporary folder.2. If the target machine runs a 64-bit operating system, download the “NPrinting OnDemand Component x64.msi” file
      2. If the target machine runs a 32-bit operating system, download the “NPrinting OnDemand Component x86.msi” file
      3. Run the installer and follow the instruction


      The looking for the installation files described at the red lines. I had a look to the Server install to find this msi as well, but without success.


      How can install the ocs objects on client ?


      Thanks and regards