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    time sheet

      i have to create time sheet table .


      I have table with filed

      Personal no (Text)

      Personal Name (text)

      EventTime (Timestamp)


      what i already have

      Personal NoPersonal nameEventTime
      111Hana8.00 AM 12/7/2015
      111Hana4.00 PM 12/7/2015
      112Mohammed8.00 AM 12/7/2015
      112Mohammed10.00 Am 12/7/2015
      112Mohammed1.00 PM 12/7/2014
      112Mohammed5.00 PM 12/7/2015



      what i want to do , how can i make time in , time out


      Personal NoPersonal nameTime InTime OutTotal Hours
      111Hana8.00 AM4.0 PM8 hours
      112Mohammed8.00 AM5.00 PM6 Hours ( He left from 10 to 1 , take first in and last out per day )


      and the search will be in date from filed Timestamp