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    Creating a score in the Script

    Gareth Cox-Thorpe

      Hi all,


      I'm new to Qlikview and I'm trying to create a score for both the unit and an average score for the buyer based on the value of a number of fields.


           num(UNIT.M_M / 1000) + UNIT.AGE + (UNIT.FIX*10) +  (UNIT.CC /1000) as Unit.GCT_Score,



           num(avg(UNIT.M_M / 1000) + Avg(UNIT.AGE) + Avg(UNIT.FIX*10) +  Avg(UNIT.CC /1000)) as Buyer.GCT_Score,



      The first one (unit score) works brilliantly but when I load the script with the buyer score expression I get an error and it says I have an invalid expression in my script.


      Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be very much appreciated.